Broadway Bash Chili Cookoff 2009 & 2010

The Krewe of Fat Mama’s provided event management for the 2009 & 2010 Broadway Bash Chili Cookoff to benefit the Natchez Children’s Home and was able to exceed previous fundraising records for this event, register a new record number of chili teams, provide the community with a fun and exciting event for parents and kids, and raise funds for the Natchez Children’s Home.

This event was complete with local celebrity judges, a dunking booth (very popular), various organizations participated and sponsored the event for a great cause!

George Armstrong Library Fundraiser, 2012

In May 2012, The Friends of George Armstrong Library were working on some fundraising efforts to help raise funds to replace over 100 wooden shutters and paint the exterior of the George Armstrong Library, located in downtown Natchez, Mississippi. 

The Krewe of Fat Mama’s approached the Friends of George Armstrong Library and asked to help.  The Adopt-A-Shutter fundraiser was planned but had not started and the Krewe of Fat Mama’s distributed over 1500 information cards to the community, as well as collected donations on behalf of the Friends of the George Armstrong Library and together over $30,000 was raised to accomplish replacing the shutters and painting the George Armstrong Library.  Additionally, the Adopt-A-Shutter effort was so popular, some shutters have been adopted by multiple people.

Krewe of Fat Mama’s Mardi Gras Parades, 2009 – present

Each year the Krewe of Fat Mama’s participates in multiple local Mardi Gras parades in Natchez, Mississippi. 

Currently there are two Mardi Gras parades in Natchez that allow floats, The Krewe of Pheonix Parade & The Krewe of Natchez Indians Parade.  The Fat Mama’s parade float is decorated by krewe members, beads and trinkets are purchased, Chop’s wrecker service provides the tow truck and driver to pull the Krewe of Fat Mama’s float, krewe members dress in their Mardi Gras best threads and we hit the parade route for an evening of fun.

The parade route is roughly 1 mile of shoulder to shoulder parade goer’s, always with big crowds as we pass by Fat Mama’s Tamales, doing their best to catch the attention of people on the Mardi Gras floats to throw them the best beads and trinkets!

Krewe of Fat Mama’s Christmas Parades, 2010 – present

Each year the City of Natchez host a Christmas Parade in downtown Natchez, Mississippi. 

The Krewe of Fat Mama’s is happy to join in, the Fat Mama’s float is decorated in various Christmas themes, local citizen’s and guest bundle up as it is usually pretty cold for the Christmas Parade, and provide a great atmosphere in downtown Natchez, as everyone comes out for the parade and the City also holds a downtown event the same evening. 

Krewe of Fat Mama’s Annual Christmas Parties, 2009 – present

Each year the Krewe of Fat Mama’s members come together for a once annual Christmas party, filled with plenty of Christmas cheer, stories about the previous year of Krewe activities. 

Once all the krewe members have had dinner, a cajun christmas is started and always brings out laughs and cheers as gifts are opened, swiped, swiped again and ultimately everyone ends up with one gift, albeit a gag gift or something they really wanted.  Additionally the Krewe of Fat Mama’s collects donations from members to donate to a family to provide Christmas toys for their children.  The Krewe Christmas party is usually held in early December to allow time to raise and donate money to the selected family.

Maltshop Fundraiser, 2012

On October 6, 2012, a vehicle crashed through the front of the Malt Shop, a local restaurant that serves up burgers and shakes and is a Natchez institution.

Unsure about the time it would take to rebuild, being able to keep workers on staff while the business was closed and potentially having to be closed for the Great Mississippi River Balloon Race, the short term future of the Malt Shop was unsure.  The Krewe of Fat Mama’s held a fundraiser at Fat Mama’s Tamales, that asked local residents to dress up in their best Halloween costume’s, come down to Fat Mama’s for an all Halloween themed party that served as a fundraiser for the Malt Shop.  The crowd turned out in great numbers and helped raise funds to re-build and sustain the Malt Shop business!

Annual Natchez Poker Run

Each year the Krewe of Fat Mama’s host the Annual Natchez Poker Run to benefit Natchez Adams Search & Rescue. 

The Natchez Poker Run consist on a 4-6 stop poker run that starts at Fat Mama’s Tamales and ends in downtown Natchez.  Various local businesses sponsor the event each year, and different locations serve as stops along the route.  Each year the Krewe of Fat Mama’s changes the route and stops and constantly works to improve the event for all riders!  T-shirts are available, as well as free lunch to registered riders, the poker run is provided with Adams County Sheriff escorts and is a rain or shine event.

Prizes are awarded at the Natchez Poker Run for top three poker hands, as well as prizes for various categories.

Various area motorcycle clubs participate and classic and custom cars are welcomed to participate.  To date the Krewe of Fat Mama’s has raised over $8,500 for Adams County Search & Rescue.

Other Krewe of Fat Mama’s Fundraisers & Events – 2009 – present

  • “Yappy Hour” Fundraiser for Natchez Adams Humane Society, 2010 – Raised in excess of $1500

  • Masquerade Fundraiser to benefit Natchez Sunshine Shelter, 2011

  • United Way Jambalaya Cookoff, 2011

  • United Way Jambalaya Cookoff, 2012

  • Kentucky Derby Fundraiser to benefit local person diagnosed with cancer, 2013

  • Jim Bowie BBQ Festival, 2013

  • Christmas Party & Fundraiser to benefit local person diagnosed with cancer, 2013

Krewe of Fat Mama’s Awards & Recognitions

  • July 2012, National Restaurant Association – National Restaurant Award Winner for the State of Mississippi

  • December 2013 – Natchez Chamber of Commerce – Small Business of Year 

  • June 2013, Adams County Board of Supervisor’s – Resolution in recognition of Krewe of Fat Mama’s community service and in raising over $75,000 for local community

  • July 2013, National Restaurant Association – National Restaurant Award Winner for the State of Mississippi

  • June 2014, City of Natchez declares June 14, 2014 “Fat Mama’s Tamales Day”, marking 25 years since Fat Mama’s Tamales opened for business

  • June 2016, Fat Mama’s named “Best Tamales” in MS!