Fat Mama’s “25 Donkey” Freestanding Art Project

Friends & Neighbors

Fat Mama’s Tamales just released a project on kickstarter.com!

We are attempting to crowdfund an art project in Natchez, MS in conjunction with Fat Mama’s Tamales turning the ripe old age of 25 in June 2014.

Fat Mama’s “25 Donkey” Freestanding Art Project, will provide our community free standing donkey sculptures, painted by local artist and artist with a Natchez connection, that we feel inspire, provide art in public places and ultimately enrich the “Natchez Experience” for everyone who lives and visits our community!

The Krewe of Fat Mama’s along with Fat Mama’s Tamales is excited to launch this project and see it through to completion.

This project is an “All-Or-Nothing” project in that all funding must be raised by November 28, 2013, or all pledges will be cancelled and this project will not take place.  Any pledge no matter how large or small is greatly appreciated and will help move this project forward.

You can view the project at:

Fat Mama’s “25 Donkey” Freestanding Art Project on Kickstarter.com

We appreciate your support over the last 25 years and being a positive influence in our community for years to come!

~ Fat Mama